Saturday, October 21, 2017

Episode 6: Can Duterte avoid the pitfalls of Marcos? Part 2

If Pres. Duterte wants to succeed where Pres. Marcos failed, he will need to avoid certain pitfalls. This series examines what they were and seeks to determine how Duterte can avoid them. This is the second of three parts.

The article of Tim Kelsall quoted in this podcast is found here.

An audio version of this episode can be downloaded from here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Episode 5: Can Duterte avoid the pitfalls of Marcos? Part 1

Pres. Duterte imposed Martial Law in Mindanao in May 2017. Observers drew many parallels with Pres. Marcos' own proclamation in September 1971. While many regard Duterte as a dictator in the mold of Marcos, The Cusp examines their similarities as well as their differences, and asks whether Duterte can avoid the pitfalls of Marcos.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

What I learned from taking the MRT and LRT

A year into Pres. Duterte's term, I decided to take a trip from Makati to Marikina using the MRT and LRT to see how well, or how badly it still is. Here is what I discovered.

Saturday, 22 July

6:30 am: I boarded the MRT at the Ayala Station to take the northbound train heading for Cubao. The fare was Php20 for a single trip, one way. There were not too many people yet, although I had to stand for the entire duration of my trip.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Episode 3: Assessing K-12 with Former DepEd Asst. Sec. Elvin Uy

He was the public face of the K-12 program in its infancy for most of the Aquino administration's term in office. Now former DepEd Assistant Secretary Elvin Uy sits down with The Cusp PH's Doy Santos to discuss the birthing pains of the program, and reflects on the lessons learned and next steps for reforming basic education.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Episode 2: Is Duterte's TRAIN on the right track?

The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusiveness package or TRAIN is the cornerstone of 'Dutertenomics'. Without it, the Build, Build, Build program, which seeks to spread the benefits of growth from Manila to the rest of the nation will simply stall. In this episode of the podcast, we look at what the reforms seek to achieve, and whether the policy tools used to achieve them are the right ones, from efficiency, equity and ease of administration perspectives.


Friday, June 30, 2017

Episode 1: What's wrong with the Philippines

Introducing The Cusp podcast! Our first episode is ready for viewing.

Episode 1: What's wrong with the Philippines

There are so many problems for the country right now. Among them are poverty, corruption, criminality, terrorism, and territorial disputes. One in particular is affecting our nation’s ability to grapple with each of the fundamental challenges it faces. On this first edition of the podcast, we tackle the Philippine "culture wars" or the growing polarization within our society being deepened by social media.

You may now get the downloadable audio MP3 version of this podcast here.